Access Code finally announces the release date of the “Perceptions” EP! Following a successful launch party that took place at the fancy Golden Beach Hotel in Brazil last month, the 21-year-old Brazilian Caroline Siqueira announced yesterday the release date of her next EP: April 20th in all platforms. “Perceptions” features 3 tracks, each of who addressing the spiritual states of the artist. The first one, “Codex”, covers the bright side of life, fulfilled dreams and accomplishments. The second one, “Tomorrow”, addresses the personal sorrow, dedicated to the artist’s aunt who passed away a few months ago. The last one,” Infinite”, is a bonus track which covers the pursuit of dreams and not giving up on them.
The Access Code project, which has its own identity, features EDM in a more emotional way, leading the listeners to think about the emotions originated from the deep or their hearts. Featuring a blend of EDM with Progressive Trance, Access Code is the new spotlight artist of the Blue Dream Music Group label, which has already set release dates and is already taking booking requests for the artist during American summer. Some trend setting magazines such “DjaneMag” and “TopDjane”, which features the top 100 djanes of the world of each year, got surprised with Access Code ranking so high on their polls, standing on 48th place in South America and 24th place in Brazil, accounting for 1300 votes! Both magazines have already been reposting some of the artist’s tracks and posts in their social medias, which spotlights the fast ascension of the artist in the past few months. Will Access Code be the new wonder girl revelation of 2019 in the EDM world?