Doc Jason

Jason Lakatos is a Board Certified internal medicine physician who works full time as a hospitalist in Florida.  He is certified in botox, dermal fillers, medical marijuana, and suboxone for opiate addiction treatment.  He also has a strong interest in studies involving psychedelic drugs and their medical uses.  He is very interested in the reform of the healthcare system as well.  His personal interests include music of course (Rap, EDM, Classic Rock, 80s, etc), international travel, cars (favs being corvettes, Hellcats, Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Aston Martins) motorcycles, jet skis, boats, beaches, sports, casinos, luxury, and nature. He is a libertarian and strong believer in capitalism and the United States Constitution. He is a big supporter of Android/ Galaxy Phones. He started his original record label 703 Entertainment with the artist Gaz the Rapper (Blake G) in 2016 after discovering

his freestyling abilities on the live streaming ap Periscope. He regrouped in 2017 and started a new label Blue Dream Music Group (BDMG) under the guidance of Producer Marcellus McLean aka Veteranbeatz and Artist Brandon Woodson aka Career the Brain. Blue Dream Music Group has operated out of Saint Petersburg, Florida where he opened the "hip hop house" where several artists lived. Currently the label based in Fort Myers, Florida but frequents Miami, Atlanta and Los Angeles. Over the last several months BDMG has recruited new artists such as 15 Coffins from Atlanta, Georgia, Smoak Dawgg from Fort Myers, Florida and Mingu$ from the Virginia/Washington DC area. Currently, Blue Dream Music Group has several new projects on the way and is considering signing other artists as they grow in their international presence. Blue Dream Music Group can be found @bluedreammg on all social media. Look him up Instagram: @docth3god Snapchat: @docjlak Facebook: @docjsun Twitter: @docjsun and on his tripmongers blog @tripmongers on Instagram.